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Speer Road Church

(United Reformed Church)

Thames Ditton

The Last Word

April 2018

In New Malden we are have a series of wonderful Wednesday Lunchtime Concerts with students from the Royal Academy of Music. The energy and talent that that these musicians have is awe inspiring and the variety of instruments and music is amazing. On March 7th we had a young pianist her performance was outstanding and when I spoke to Judith after the concert one of the things that she commented on was the way she played the quiet notes. I am sure the loud notes drew the attention, the fast runs that saw her hands dart up and down the key board thrilled, but a pianist knows how difficult it is to play a note quietly, adding that dynamic to a performance requires hours of practice.

I am reminded of Elijah in the cave in 1 Kings 19, looking at the wind and the earthquake and the fire and finding that God’s voice was not in that, not in the show the fast movement. God was in the still small voice, the silence. It is often in the silence that we are closest to God. The quiet moment is the time when we hear his voice.

There is a lot of activity at Easter, lots of things happening, words spoken, emotions felt and we stand amazed at who God is and what he does in the cross and resurrection. Easter speaks to us of the love of God, because that is what it is about and it is very difficult to take everything in, each year the passages speak to us in a different way, challenge us in a different way. This year let us look for the quiet moments, those times when in the silence we can reflect on God playing the “quiet notes”, the notes that reach our souls, that make us fill with emotion, that enable us to be moved by the power of the resurrection.

Every blessing,


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