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Last word – Jun 2020

We were all sad to hear the news of the death of Mike Lambert and extend our love and prayers to Linda and the family at this time. Mike joined in most of the social events at Speer Road with enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved. He was in his element at the Scottish Evenings marching in the haggis or reciting a poem, ready to project a film at our film nights, or take a deep interest in visits to places of historical interest. Mike had a keen love of music and appreciated any musical items at events and services. He was also responsible for many a poster, flyer or programme that advertised or informed our social life at Speer Road. Mike was ready to ask questions and take an interest in what was said or happening, and we will miss his jovial character and insightful quips.

We have had to put on hold our social activities, the things that bring us together outside of the Sunday Service. We hope it won’t be too long before we can meet again, but we know that the priority at this time is everyone’s health and safety. It is good to think back and reflect on those occasions when we met together and of course many of them involved food, whether that be homemade soup, cheese and biscuits, cake, cream teas, or a three-course meal. What feasts we have had, all opportunities to share with each other.

I am reminded that an essential part of the early church was their gathering together to break bread, to share food together. In doing so they remembered Jesus presence with them, not just in what we call “Holy Communion” but in the very act of sharing food together. As we wait for the occasion when we can share a meal again, might we be inspired and encouraged by our memories of the meals we have had as part of the church of Christ.

Bless you,

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