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Speer Road Church

(United Reformed Church)

Thames Ditton

The Last Word

July 2017

Throughout history people have done dreadful things to others, when we read about them or see them acted out we wonder how people could do such things. Today we are still faced with horrific acts most notably the terrorist attacks that have taken place in recent times, all over the world but particularly in Manchester and London. There has been a powerful response to the attacks in this country saying that love must conquer evil. The one love Manchester concert was an example of that, also a number of posters have been put up around London. Another phrase that has been used is we “stand together” it has given people strength and hope in the midst of the horror.

It is striking that this has been the dominant message in the face of such evil and reflects the message that God gives in the cross of Jesus, love conquers evil. It is hard and painful to think about such events and even to know what to pray for, but the desire not to let the evil win, not to let the violence escalate is the basis of the message God gives us in Christ. Alongside this we continue to pray for peace and reconciliation in a broken world that God loves so much.

We live in a time of uncertainty, politics is changing, we are not sure what Brexit means for our country, acts of terrorism heighten fear, it is my belief that at such times the teaching that God is constant, a sure rock, a foundation is very important. In reality the world has always been an uncertain place, something that people have had to deal with and throughout history people have found comfort and strength in the message of Jesus. Let us learn from those in history who have put their faith in God and sought his assurance and courage in the face of life’s uncertainties.

May you know God’s presence in your life,


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