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2.00 - 5.00pm







16 or under FREE ENTRY






Show Committee

Chairman Mrs. Jean Billett

Show Manager Mrs. Madeleine Hern, Show Secretary Ms. Lynn Postle

 Raffle Organiser Mrs. J Warner,












1 One, less than 350 mm long, or round 500mm circumference


2 Three, with 75mm of the leaf stalk. All types



3 Three, with 75mm of the leaf stalk. All types


Onions Dressed

4 Three, no bulb to exceed 250 grams

5 One, largest by weight



6 White–three

7 Other than white-three


Tomatoes, all with calyx

8 Small-fruited, not exceeding thirty-five mm in diameter. Eight fruit

9 Medium - Five fruit

10 Large, not less than 75mm diameter-three fruit

11 Single stem truss with at least 3 ripe fruit



12 Runner - five with stalks

13 French, climbing or dwarf bean - five with stalks


Pickling Shallots

14 Eight. Approximately 30mm in diameter



15 One with stalk



16 Three fruits with a short stem and with or without flower; any colour and shape but well matched. (less than 150mm long or 75mm diameter round fruit)



17 One vase. Minimum of three kinds for culinary purposes. The quality of the foliage is the predominant factor for judging.


Any Other Vegetable

18 Two of the same kind, not included in the classes above. If beans -5 with stalks


Collection of vegetables

19 A mixed exhibit of at least 6 types of vegetables each to be of the best. To be exhibited in a seed tray not to exceed 36 x 22 x 6cm (14 x 8½" x 2¼").


Novice Classes

(please read rule 8 to confirm eligibility)

20 Potatoes - three, one kind

21 Runner beans - five with stalks

22 Onions dressed - one

23 Any other vegetable. For quantity call Show Manager (07711810268)



24 One vase.  5 stems, any variety or varieties



Novice Class Dahlias (see Rule 8)

25 Three in one vase, any variety or varieties


26 3 stems – distinct varieties

27 3 stems – one variety


Novice Class Roses (See Rule 8)

28 Any kind-one stem


Other Cut Flowers (not to include roses or dahlias)

29 Garden flowers - one vase, mixed garden flowers not exceeding 6 varieties

30 Garden flowers - one vase, best flowering spike or spray in the garden



31 Foliage- 5 stems, each of a different kind


Novice Classes (not to include dahlias or roses

(see Rule 8)

32 Garden flowers –one vase mixed

33 Garden flowers –one stem



34 Seedheads - five stems, each of a

different species


Pot Plants– named if possible

35 Flowering plant

36 Foliage plant

37 Cactus or Succulent

NOTE: Classes 35 to 37 pot not more than 200mm inside diameter


Miniature Flower Exhibit

38 Arrangement of flowers and foliage – not more than 100mm overall to include flowers, foliage, and receptacle ONLY



39 Dessert - three with stalks

40 Cooking - three with stalks



41 Five with bloom and stalk intact



42 One plate of twelve- with stalks


Soft Fruit

43 One plate, 12 fruit or 12 sprigs


Stone Fruit (excluding plums)

44 One plate, 3 fruit, 12 if cherries


Any other fruit

45 One plate of a single variety of fruit. For quantity call Show Manager (07711810268)


Preserves and Pickles - One jar only per class

46 Clear Jelly

47 Soft Fruit Jam

48 Stone Fruit Jam

49 Marmalade - made with fresh fruit

50 Chutney and Relish

51 Pickles

Notes—Jars - not less than 227 grams. The jars must be labeled as to their contents, and the date of making. Jars must be of clear glass. No named jars or lids to be used. Jams should be covered with a wax disc and a clear cover OR a brand new plain metal top. Chutneys and jars containing vinegar must have a plain new metal screw top.


Home Baking

Exhibitors may use any recipe of their choice.  All entries to be plated and wrapped with cling film.

52 A loaf of Tea Bread (Exhibitor to display recipe used)

53 Victoria Sandwich – Jam filling, caster sugar sprinkled on top

54 Swiss Roll

55 Three muffins savoury or sweet

56 Six Cheese Scones

57 Six Pieces of Shortbread



All pictures to measure 6” x 4”  to 7” x 5”

  (150mm x 100mm to180mm x 130mm) and be unmounted. 

58 British Weather. To portray extremes of our climate

59 A Portrait.  Head and shoulders of a person

60 Still Life.  Set up of inanimate objects

61 Sunrise or Sunset.  


Allotment Classes

The following two classes will be open to groups from Affiliated Societies (one group per society). It is hoped that at least four members will contribute to each exhibit.

In addition, any individual member submitting any entry or entries will be invited to declare the Society of which he or she is a member. We will then keep a record of all such entries and determine which Society is the winner by a points system which will take into account any first, second or third position awarded for both the individual entries and the group entries.


62 A collection of at least seven vegetables in a box or basket.  Exhibit not to exceed 600mm in length.

63 A vase of mixed cut flowers grown on an allotment (foliage can be retained) to contain at least seven varieties. A small selection of extra foliage can be used to enhance the display.


Show Manager’s Notes

Welcome to our Show for 2019, I am hoping we will be getting a lot more entries than last year, which was a record year for entries.


First and most important everyone can enter it is not a show for professionals. It is to showcase what you have grown on your plot or made by way of preserves and jams as well as cakes and photography. Please take some time to read the rules and make sure you have the stated the number of vegs, or used the correct vase for your exhibit. Please present your entries as attractively as possible: a well-balanced selection where appropriate, especially the tray of vegetables (each item should comply with the requirements of its individual class) and mixed flower entries. You can remove torn petals or leaves and tidy roots, but remember, no polishing or artificial treatment. Onions should have the neck tied or whipped, with un-dyed raffia, and roots trimmed. This does not apply to salad onions. Apples, pears, and gooseberries may be shown either ripe or unripe - all other fruit should be ripe. Place your fruit especially berries in neat lines on the plate, ensure any bloom is not disturbed and stalks are intact and lying the same way. Check your containers meet class requirements, which include lids and coverings, size of photos, etc., and that your entries are within stipulated measurements.


Let's make this year show an even better and bigger event than last year.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Call me, Madeleine on 07711810268, if you have any questions.



Flowers, Flower Exhibits and Pot Plants

Mr. Geoff Peach

Vegetables and Fruit

Mrs. Pam Edwards

Home Baking and Preserves

Mrs. Audrey Goodale


Mr. Ken Warner





1 Classes are open to all members of the Esher Molesey Garden Society, to Affiliated Societies and to individuals living within a 10-mile radius. However, only EMGS members may enter Novice Classes, see rule 8 below. All exhibitors must be able to declare that the items exhibited are their property and have been grown or produced by them and been in their possession for at least three

months prior to the date of the Show. The Committee reserves the right to inspect the garden, allotment or house in which the exhibit has been grown or produced.

2 Unless otherwise specified, no competitor may enter more than one exhibit in a class, and two or more persons may not enter the same class with exhibits from the same garden, home or allotment.

3 Every exhibit must bear a card, to be obtained from the Show Committee.

4 Exhibits may be staged from 8.00am until 10.30 am, at which time everyone other than Show officials must leave the Hall.

5 Exhibitors shall supply vases as required. These must be of acceptable show standard with straight sides and having a greater height than the diameter of the mouth. Plates will be provided and must be used where indicated in the Schedule.

6 Vegetables and Fruit exhibits must comprise one cultivar only, per plate unless the class states otherwise.

7 Unless otherwise stated, flower exhibits may consist of one or more varieties.

8 Novice Classes are confined to members who before this year, have not won the FIRST PRIZE for the same kind of flower, fruit or vegetable at a previous Esher Molesey Garden Society Flower Show.

9 Judging will commence at 10.45am. The judges are empowered to withhold the FIRST or any prize if in their opinion the quality of the exhibits does not warrant an award.

10 The judge’s decision as to the respective merits of the exhibits shall be final.

11 Judges should, wherever possible, write on the Exhibitors’ card reasons for a “Not according to Schedule” disqualification. A steward should not be asked to officiate in any section where he/she is competing as an exhibitor.

12 Any objection against an IRREGULARITY concerning an exhibit must be made in writing to the Chairman of the Show Committee before 3.00pm on the day of the show with a deposit of £2.50. If the objection is upheld by the Show Committee – whose decision is final - the deposit will be refunded.

13 Dahlias, Roses, and Chrysanthemums must be shown and will be judged, in accordance with current rules of the respective National Societies.

14 Exhibitors will be allowed 30 minutes after the end of the Raffle Draw to clear their exhibits.

15 Fruit and vegetables MUST NOT be polished or artificially treated.

16 The Show Committee reserves the right, if the number of entries exceeds the space available, to accept the entries in the order in which they are received.

17 All entries must be shown and will be judged, in accordance with The Horticultural Show Handbook, 2016 edition revised published by The Royal Horticultural Society, unless otherwise specified, e.g. Roses, Dahlias and Chrysanthemums.

18 A salad vegetable is a vegetable used in either a raw or cooked state and served in salads as a cold dish. (see RHS Handbook).

19 All exhibits, personal property, etc. shall be at the risk of the exhibitors and the Esher Molesey Garden Society shall not be liable for compensation for loss or damage from any cause whatsoever. The Society does not accept liability in the event that the Show is not held for any reason.

20 All entry forms must be received by the Show Committee by 8 pm on Tuesday 13 August. Late entries may be accepted up to 

8 pm on Thursday 15 August at a higher fee of 40p per entry.

21 The Show Committee reserves the right to cancel a class if there are insufficient entries.


Class 5 - 1st only

All other classes: 1st (5pts) £2.50; 2nd (3pts) £1.50; 3rd (2pts) £1.

Prize money may be collected after 3.30pm at the Show. Any money not claimed by 5.00pm will be retained for Society funds.

Raffle prizes may be collected on the production of the winning tickets immediately after the draw has been completed. All prizes must be collected from the Raffle Organiser within 4 weeks of the Draw date. Prizes not collected will be retained for re-use.

Banksian Medal, presented by the Royal Horticultural Society, will be awarded to the winner of the largest total amount of prize money in the horticultural section.

NB: In accordance with RHS rules the competitors who won the Banksian Medal in 2017 and 2018 are not eligible for this medal in 2019.





Gift vouchers, the value of £10, to be spent at the Society’s Trading Hut at Molesey, will be presented for the following:


 Member with the most points in all classes      Most points in the baking and preserving classes

 Most points in the fruit classes                                   Best Novice-overall                                                                                       

 Most points in the flower section                           

 Most points in the vegetable section


Certificates will be awarded to Allotment societies for Best Flowers (class 63), Best Vegetables (Class 62) and the Allotment Society whose members have produced the most points. The Mabs Hawley Memorial Cup will also be awarded to the Allotment Society whose members have gained the most points.