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Esher Molesey Garden Society



Flower Show

Current events


Opening hours

With the exception of Sunday 27th August the Depot will be open from 9.00am to 11.00am every Sunday this year until 13th December. It will be closed on 24th December and for the following three Sundays.

It will also be open on Wednesday evenings from 7.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. until the end of July

The Depot stocks a good range of composts, fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, weed and moss killers, and other anti-pest devices. It also has a good range of gardening tools, canes, stakes, pots, saucers, seed trays, watering cans, hoses, and other gardening aids. If you want to garden, preserve the wood of your shed or fence, or clean your paths or patio we will have something to help you. If you cannot find what you want please ask and, if we can, we will get it for you.

Remember our prices will continue to be about 75% of recommended retail prices – or better. We shall continue to offer whatever free advice that we can give. On Sunday mornings you can help the ladies at the desk with their crossword, or just enjoy our company

Apart from trying to meet your gardening needs we are always willing to discuss your gardening problems and successes. We do not profess to know everything, but if we do not have an answer we will try to get one. We hope to see you at the Depot soon and at the Flower show in August.

An appeal has been made for members who wish to purchase items at the depot on Sunday mornings to arrive at the Depot Members who arrive before 11.00, especially in the much busier summer months.


Please help to reduce congestion on Sunday mornings during the next few weeks, which are usually very busy, by only bringing cars on to the site if you are collecting heavy or bulky items. If you can carry your purchases in the plastic bags available, please park in Beauchamp Road and walk the short distance to the Depot.

If you bring your vehicle onto the site please observe the speed limit of 5 m.p.h. As you approach the site the gate may appear to be shut, but it is never locked while we are open. If you do not plan to buy anything heavy and are young and able please leave your car in Beauchamp Road and walk into the site.

Plastic Bags

We try to provide second hand plastic bags for our customers’ use. As the movement to reduce the use of these grows we would like you to consider bringing a bag with you and/or letting us have any used plastic bags that you do not want – better to reuse them than bin them!!


We are very grateful to those who spend time at the Depot during opening hours and at other times so that members get good service. But, more are always needed to ensure a full team is available to cover holidays etc. If you benefit from the Depot why not offer to do say one Sunday a month on the rota.

The Depot is entirely staffed by volunteers – could you be one of us? Suggestions are shelf dusting or stacking on say one Sunday a month, help with carrying goods to customers’ cars – again once a month maybe. If you are free sometimes during the week we are looking for one or two people that he could ask to help unload lorries! We hope to hear from you – please ring 020 8398 6724 or email Stileman – or come and have a chat at the Depot.

If something is needed, even loosely connected to gardening, it is usually worth asking to see if the Depot can supply. In this way a number of members have achieved very good savings. However it makes life simpler if you have looked around and have enough information such as description, maker's part number and retailer's price (it could be on special offer and thus better than our discounted price) so that it can be identified in our wholesalers' price catalogues

Particularly for new products but also for established stocks it is very helpful if members can let us know their experiences, both good and bad. This helps to decide what we should stock in future.

Retailer Discounts

The new style membership cards do not list the retailers who allow discounts on gardening supplies to members on production of a current membership card. Minimum purchase may apply.

The retailers are:- Crossy's Home & Garden, Old Moat Garden Centre and Surbiton Lawnmowers.

Garden Chemicals

Manufacturers are continually consolidating their ranges so if you can't see the name that you have used in the past, always ask as there is either a new name or an alternative. For example what was PBI is now Bayer and Osmocote is Controlled Release!


When new products become available we often obtain a small supply to see if members like them. If in a magazine or shop you see something that you would like to try it is worth asking at the depot as we may be able to get it at a discount. Doff have brought out a new RTU weed killer based on Acetic Acid. This is safe to use where pets and children play. Some should be available in March

Allotments/Floral Art

Some allotment sites have vacant plots. If any member is interested in renting a plot or knows someone who could be interested, we can always give the name of a person to contact. Similarly, the Esher Floral Art Group will welcome new members.


Trading Notes

After very mixed weather in the spring, it seems that it is settling down to allow us to attend to our gardens and plots.

We have been very well supported by members this year and have had to re-order a number of items to ensure we have sufficient stock. We have also a number of new items that might be of interest, so do come and browse what’s on offer.

We have had to change the manufacturer of our general compost for environmental reasons and are now offering Rosedale Compost in it’s place. Those who have been buying from us for a long time will remember that we used to sell this years ago and it was very good quality. The new stock of Rosedale will be at the same price as the previous Violet Farm brand.

We still have a few seeds and bulbs for spring and early summer sowing avai lable at very competitive prices. If there is anything that you are looking for that we do not have in stock, please let me know and I will try and get it for you.

The Depot Move

Elmbridge Borough Council have decided to issue new leases to all allotment sites. These will be based on a common format. Until Hampton Court Way Allotment Site gets its new lease it cannot enter into an agreement with us. So the move is unlikely to take place until the end of this year