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Dear Member/s

We hope that you are all well and coping with these strange and difficult times.


While restrictions remain services will continue to be provided on Zoom, Facebook and by phone and Peter intends to continue with these broadcasts after New Malden reopens in September.

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Peter usually sends an invitation to join each week which also gives instructions on how to join by phone.

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If the current measures are successful and the scheduled dates met, we hope that services will be held within our Church on ;

Easter Sunday, 4th April at 9.00am
Sunday, 9th May at 10.45am
Sunday, 13th June at 10.45am

Zoom services will be held on other Sundays


At the Church Meeting held on 16 June 2019, the Church membership began formally to discuss the future of our Church. It was acknowledged and accepted that the congregation had grown older and that there were few members left (available) who could handle the running of the Church. This was in spite of the magnificent effort our minister Peter Flint had made over the years to attract new and younger members to the congregation. During the discussion, two points emerged: 1) that perhaps we could join with another church and 2) if that were not possible, there was a strong feeling that the Church Meeting would like the Church buildings to be used for community activities. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that we would keep the Church in our prayers and pray for God’s guidance.

By the 12 January 2020 Church Meeting, it was accepted that the Church would have to close. The Teddies Playgroup had asked if they could continue to use the Church buildings until the end of July 2021. This would give them time to sort out their business. This was acceptable to the Church Meeting and the date of 30 June 2021 was proposed as a possible closing date for the Church (but not necessarily the Church buildings). At that same time, Peter asked for permission to pursue a Mission Project to see if the Church buildings could be used long term past that date. Permission was granted.

NoW (March) 2021 and since the situation vis a vis possible new young members or a connection with another church has not arisen, it is time for the Church Meeting to formally accept a resolution for the Speer Road United Reformed Church to officially close at the end of June 2021.

At the appointed date, the Church buildings will become the sole responsibility of the Southern Synod of the United Reformed church. The Southern Synod is to deal with the buildings as they see fit in accordance with the trusts set out in Schedule 2 of the URC Act 1972. The Church Meeting can make suggestions about the future of the buildings but the final decision will rest with Southern Synod. In a similar manner, once all the Church bills have been paid, the remaining funds will be paid over to the Synod. Having said that, if the Church Meeting would like to donate some of those funds to local charities and churches before the handover that would be perfectly acceptable.

Thoughts for these difficult times

To all at Speer Road Church

If you followed any of the worship material recently you may well have heard or read the reading from Ezekiel 37:1-14 where he sees a valley of dry bones come to life. It seemed a very apt reading for the time we are in, a reminder of the life giving power of God's Spirit and something to hold onto as we celebrate Easter in very different way this year.

Maybe you are using this time to rediscover old skills or learn something new, using this time to sort out a cupboard or shed that you have been putting off for sometime. Judith got out a needle and thread and mended some items that she has been putting off for years. I found a home made Table Tennis Table in the garage that my dad made some 35 years ago. It is now assembled in the garden and along with two of our sons who are staying with us, we play on it from time. I haven't played table tennis since I was a member of the youth club so am very rusty, but it has brought back memories of those times.

God bless you and take care of you,


Ephesians1:16 I have not stopped giving thanks to God for you. I remember you in my prayers

Rev. Peter Flint,
United Reformed Church Minister, New Malden and Thames Ditton


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