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The Last Word

Last word – May 2021

On Maundy Thursday we had a read through of the New Testament. It took around 18 hours to read through the whole of the New Testament and it was a moving experience to see the readers join the Zoom call and take part. The pandemic has forced us to use zoom or other platforms to communicate and it has opened new possibilities for ministry and church work. It is not that it will replace in person services and events, but it allows access to more people, and the opportunity to do things differently. It has been amazing how churches up and down the country have responded during this past year, something two years ago we wouldn’t have thought possible.

As we think back through history there have been times when certain inventions have had a massive impact and for the church the printing press was probably the greatest. It was the printing press that gave people the opportunity to produce multiple copies of documents and of course produce copies of the bible. This led to people wanting the bible in their own language and to the creation of several new denominations as people read the bible for themselves. For those pioneers, a bible of their own was precious and a great treasure, maybe we take it too much for granted today. We may not realise how precious the Bible is and how privileged we are to be able to read it so easily.

Listening to the New Testament being read made me think about how the Christian faith started. People met to hear the stories of Jesus and as they listened those stories transformed their lives; they would treat other people differently, they would live in a new way, they would take on great challenges. Those stories and teachings have had a great impact throughout history and will continue to do so. May we rejoice in the gift of the Bible and never take it for granted.

God bless,

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