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The Last Word

Last word – April 2021

I read a book that had short explanation of what you should do if you got lost in the woods. We are not talking about a small forest but a large wood, a jungle. In such a situation your only hope is that you are found and the best way of being found is to stay in the same place, but to survive you need to get water and find food, you need to move around. So, what you need is a Touch Tree one that is strong and identifiable and that you keep returning to. Then as you go out looking for food and water you always return to the Touch Tree, in the hope that you will be found.

Probably few of us are likely to get lost in a jungle, but we may well feel lost in life particularly as so much of life has changed in the past 18 months, what we need is a Touch Tree, something we return to where we can find ourselves and be found. For me that tree are the events of Easter, the cross and resurrection of Jesus. You may be familiar with idea of a cross in your pocket that you hold onto or touch to remind you of the Easter story.

Easter provides us with a touching place in our spiritual journey, a place of forgiveness, a place of assurance, a place of giving, a place of peace, of life of love. A place we should continually return to, not just once a year, but daily; in order that we do not travel to far from it and get lost in the “jungle” around us. The wonderful thing is that when we return to Easter, we realise that we are found, the words of John Newton in amazing grace “I once was lost but now am found” become true for us. At Easter God has found you and me and if we return to it regularly, we will never be lost.

Easter blessings,

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