Speer Road Church

(United Reformed Church)

Thames Ditton.

Church Diary


Sun 13 10.45 Morning worship Communion Rev Peter Flint

Organist Judith Flint Flowers Beth Odom
Sidesman tba

For those who feel able to come, we will be having a service in Speer Road Church this Sunday the 13th at 10.45am. We will be maintianing social distance and keeping it is safe as possible. Please wear a facecovering if you come.

To all at Speer Road Church

As you know we are now going to try holding monthly Services on the second Sunday of the month at Speer Road, our first being on Sept 13th at 10.45. I know that many in the congregation will not be able to come to these services at this time but I hope it will bring some comfort to know they are taking place.

Thanks to Richard Bailey at New Malden a conference camera has been installed into the New Malden Church and he has programmed the software to make it work. This will mean that if you would like to join the worship from New Malden you can on Zoom or facebook on the codes below. After 5 months being out of the church building it feels strange having a service back in the building and arranging things in a safe way. The service will be different from how worship was before lockdown but I hope it will be meaningful and helpful.

A couple of future events on Tuesday September 8th we have Bible Study at 7.30 on Zoom the theme is Serving and we will be looking at two texts Mark 10:42-45 & John 13:1-17. It would be great to see you there. On Wednesday September 30th at 8.00pm I am organising a fun Harvest Quiz on Zoom and Facebook. Do make a note of the date and see how well "You know your onions!"

The Zoom code for Sunday worship and other activities is:-

Meeting ID: 874 1679 4861 Password: 007602

Sunday service on FaceBook Live Please open the following page at 10.25 and if you scroll down the page you should be able to see the service. https://www.facebook.com/newmaldenurc/

By Phone

Dial 0131 460 1196
When asked: Enter the meeting ID on their keypad, followed by #
When asked to enter their unique ID: simply input # (This skips this stage)
When asked: Enter the meeting password followed by #



Church layout

Use one main door for entry and exit. Hand sanitiser on table on left as enter foyer. All doors to be left open to improve air flow.

Next to that table is table for a duty elder to note who is attending service, including any new people whose names and addresses/telephone numbers are to be obtained. This record must be kept for 21 days. Foyer seating area to be screened off by chairs.

Only one person in the vestry or kitchen at a time. Care to ensure only one person at a time in toilet area. Anti-bacterial spray and paper towels to be available to wipe down handles in toilet after use. Peter will use pulpit and there will be one reader per service who will use the lectern and sit at the front. They will use the microphones at these places. Play area toys to be removed from Church.

No collection. Donations box to be put on table at rear for end of service.

Flowers will not be able to be distributed at end of service.

Water and glasses to be replaced by a few small bottles of water plus some plastic cups.at the rear of the church and in the pulpit. Gloves and masks to be available at the rear of the church in case elder needs to go to person in congregation to give them water.

Bibles to be available on table as enter Church. To be returned to a box at end of service so no one has to handle them.

No coffee after service.


From the 13 September, the church, vestry, hall and toilets to be cleaned by cleaner as per cleaning schedule on the Friday/ Saturday before the service and again on Sunday afternoon/ evening ready for Teddies on Monday.

Duty elders to sanitise seats and door handles used after the service and clean toilets??? before the King’s Church service


Normal duties except: no prayer with Minister before service, (only one person at any time in the vestry), no reading of minutes, no offertory plate on table, sit at the front of the church.

Need two duty elders (wearing face masks):
One outside to manage congregation (keeping people 2 metre apart whilst people use hand cleansing facilities before moving inside. Ensure that everyone is wearing a mask. Take record of attendees plus any new people whose names and telephone numbers are to be obtained.
Other to assist seating, asking people to use front seats first, only alternate pews and keeping 2 metres from aisles if possible.


Sign for offertory box, sign for return bible box

Prayers for the Locality

September 6 Ember Farm Way
September 13 Claygate Lane/Park View Cottages/Atwell Place
September 20 Oakdene Avenue/Quinton Road
September 27 Rythe Court

Weekly Events

Tuesdays 10.30am. Intercessions for healing at St Nicholas

Other Events

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