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Speer Road Church

(United Reformed Church)

Thames Ditton.

Church Diary


We are sorry that due to the Covid19 virus Sunday Services and church activities have been suspended for the time being. The United Reformed Church website has details of how you can worship at home and have given the following prayer:- ‘God is our refuge and strength,a very present help in trouble.’

Psalm 46:1, NRSV

Living, loving God,
we praise you,
and through times of peril we lean into you,
for in Jesus Christ
you have trodden paths as difficult as ours,
revealing there a love that nothing defeats,
a love that bears us through.
Even as we strive to behave responsibly,
and to care reliably,
so we feel after you
that in these uncertain times we might trust you are with us,
our refuge and strength,
and our faith, hope and love might be renewed,
through Jesus Christ, Amen.

Rev. Peter Flint,
United Reformed Church Minister,
New Malden and Thames Ditton,

Tel: 020 3754 0940
Mobile: 07436 119626

"encourage one another”

Editor’s Space

This is the strangest Update I have had to put together during my short time as Editor.

It feel as though we are having to pull up the drawbridge to protect ourselves.

Peter’s words "encourage one another” perhaps should be our theme. If each one of us could just fo one small act of kindness each day than at least we can feel that we will have done something small to encourage another person. For most of us that wilol involve picking up the phone to have a chat with someone we might normally chat to.

If we are not having to self-isolate for the sake of the vulnerability of someone within your family, then perhaps we can responsibly arrange to go for a walk with another person, keeping a safe distance apart.(provided the guidance on that does not change)

Perhaps we can just send someone a short note by snail mail to make someone feel less alone.

But as Easter approaches let us try to rejoice and remember that Christ died on the cross but three days later he rose again and is alive and with us, right now. He knows, he understands the bleakness that we are going through right now and he is constantly with us leading us forward. We know that this will pass. We need to

"encourage one another”

Weekly Events

Tuesdays 10.30am. Intercessions for healing at St Nicholas

Other Events Hold the date

Please make a note of a special service on Sunday June 28th at 4.00pm. This will be a service of thanksgiving for our church as we move into a new phase in its life. It gives us a chance to invite friends to join us in reflecting on the past and praying for the future. Please make a note of the date and come along if you can.

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