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Speer Road Church

(United Reformed Church)

Thames Ditton.

Church Diary


September 17, 10am. Joint Service at St Nicholas
Prayers for the locality Oakdene Avenue, Quinton Road

September 24, 4.00pm. Rev Peter Flint Teatime Service
Organist Judith Flint, , Prayers for the locality Rythe Court

October 1, 10.45am. Martin Pitman
Organist EO & Ella Wickham Prayers for the locality Boyle Farm/Burtenshaw/Fitzgerald Roads

On Sunday 1 October Martin Pitman is going to be leading our worship and in the course of our service telling us about the Leprosy Mission. Martin, though now retired, worked for the Leprosy Mission for many years. Leprosy was rife in Biblical times and unfortunately many today are still afflicted with this terrible and often frightening disease. Martin will be giving us an idea of what is involved, how it is being treated and how we can help. You may also be interested to know that Martin is the son-in-law of Joan Davis who frequently joins us in worship.

October 8, 10.45am. Rev Peter Flint Communion
Organist ,Judith Flint , Prayers for the locality Watts Road/Ditton Close

October 8, 3.30pm. Messy Church

October 15, 10.45am. Helen Thorne
Organist , EO & Jo Harris, Prayers for the locality Riverbank/Albany Reach

October 22, 4.00pm. Rev Peter Flint Teatime Service
Organist Judith Flint, Prayers for the locality Church Walk/Burton Close

October 28, 10.45am. Rev Donald Finnan
Organist , EO & Ella Wickham , Prayers for the locality

Sunday School for under 12s during Morning Service

Weekly Events

Tuesdays 10.30am. Intercessions for healing at St Nicholas

First Wednesday in each month 10.30am Coffee and Chat in our Church Hall

Other Events

Thursday 12 October, 8.00pm. Lyfe group

Saturday 21 October. Open Day at Church

On Saturday 21 October we are going to open our doors to the community so that they can see all that has been taking place at our Church over the summer. Much will be happening in the Church on that day. Judith Flint will be playing the piano - for 12 hours!! We will be serving soup and rolls at lunch with a tea in the afternoon. There will be a book stall and much, much more. Everyone in the community will be invited to just drop in. Do put the day in your diaries and tell allyour friends about it. If you can help please have a word with Linda Lambert

Thursday 26 October, 8.00pm. Lyfe group

Advance Notice of Social and Other Events

Friday, 29th September 8.00pm. Charlie Waite Lecture at Imber Court

Saturday 21st October, 7.00am - 7.00pm. 12 Hour Sponsored Piano Play by Judith Flint.

Thursday 5 October, 7.30pm.

A Talk by the Rev Dr David Cornick at At Speer Road Church.500 Years since the Reformation and is its relevance to the 21st Century.

2017 is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg and thus the start of the Protestant Reformation. Worldwide celebrations are going on this year to mark this special occasion and it was felt appropriate for us to host this talk
David Cornick is the General Secretary of Churches Together in England, he is a minister of the United Reformed Church and was previously the General Secretary of the United Reformed Church before his appointment at Churches Together in England.

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