Speer Road Church

(United Reformed Church)

Thames Ditton.

Church Diary



The services from New Maldon will be via zoom. Zoom available every Sunday starting at 10.30 am

Join Zoom Meeting for worship https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87416794861?pwd=hacSRN2cxOe2W_zGvGi3eomJo65pQA

The code is always 874 1679 4861 The password is 007602

Peter usually sends an invitation to join each week which also gives instructions on how to join by phone.

Sunday service on FaceBook Live
Please open the following page at 10.25 and if you scroll down the page you should be able to see the service. https://www.facebook.com/newmaldenurc/

By Phone Dial 0131 460 1196
When asked: Enter the meeting ID on their keypad, followed by #
When asked to enter their unique ID: simply input # (This skips this stage)
When asked: Enter the meeting password followed by #


Upcoming Sevices

We will be having the Church open for the following services: NOT ON ZOOM

Sunday May 9th. 10.45 am Worship. Communion Service with the Blessing of Matt and Justyna Lambert’s baby son Stanley Linda Lambert
Message from Linda : Matt and Justyna’s baby son Stanley will receive a Blessing at the 9 May service. His sister Felicity was Blessed in the Church in March 2020. Both Matt and his sister Sarah were christened in the Church in the 1980s.

The New Malden service ON 9 May will be streamed at 10.30am and David Howell will be leading the worship.

13 June Communion service at 10.45am with the Rev Peter Flint

26 June Saturday final service in the Church – time to be decided

"Hold the date" request for a Church Thanksgiving Service on Saturday June 26th at 15.00 which will be held in the church and be live online.

Coffee and Chat on Wednesday May 5th at10.30am on zoom. Our topic this week is "What smell evokes a memory?"

This coming week is Christian Aid Week, a time when we remember that we are one world and we need to work for a fairer distribution of resources and achieve a desire to look after the planet. To mark Christian Aid Week we have a quiz on Zoom on Wednesday May 12th at 7.30. This will be a team quiz so do join us, you might have the one answer that will help your team!

Join Zoom Meeting for worship and the Christian Aid Quiz

Meeting ID: 874 1679 4861 Passcode: 007602

Prayers for the Locality in May

May 2 River Avenue/Portsmouth Avenue
May 9. Station Road
May 16. Hayward Road/Savile Close
May 23 Westville Road
May 30. Queens Drive(carried over from last month)

Other Events

Christian Aid Week 10 - 16 May 2021

Obviously collecting from door to door is not appropriate at this time but the needs around the work do not diminish at a time of pandemic but rather they increase. Taiwan which normally has a lot of rain is really suffering this year. Their reservoirs are nearly dried up. We are living in scary times, Many churches are coming up with creative ways of still supporting Christian Aid. Ministers in Kingston are planning to carry water in buckets every day in the hope of raising money for those who have little or no water. They will walk for roughly 5 miles each day doing a circuit covering their churches and carrying a bucket of water in each hand. Those living in drought torn countries are struggling to produce food. Our friend Rev Maggie Hindley is taking part in Psalmathon. Peter is planning to hold a Christian Aid quiz. The need is there. Let’s hope we can respond in new creative ways. Do you recall Margaret's imaginative idea for Lent. This was originally the idea of Vicki the rector of St Mary’s a few years AGO. Paying every time we flush our toilet; paying everytime we wash our hands; paying every time we have a shower/bath; paying everytime we have a drink made with water, paying everytime we water our garden. If each one of us took up this challenge we might be surprised just how much we could From drought to flooding, climate change robs people of control over their lives. Extreme weather means people like Rose are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water. Your gift could help a community build an earth dam, so when the rains do come, they will have the water they need to live. A reliable source of water will help families withstand long drought or relentless rainstorms

A prayer for Christian Aid week

Looking at the blank page wondering where can I go with this I found myself thinking about love and hope and found these wonderful prayers from Christian Aid. I hope you like them too.

Christian Aid Week Prayer Great God, Who makes the sun to rise, and opens the heavens Hear the cry of the people Who sow in hope for rain, but reap only despair Hear the cry of the people Seeking shelter from the storm, their hopes and homes submerged Hear the cry of the people, When creation is hitting back, with rage and resistance Give us hope, grant us salvation, Give us a new relationship with creation With reverence to tend this gift from You And say once again of the earth and all you created It is GOOD. (Bob Kikuyu Global Theology Advisor, Christian Aid)

Prayer for transformation ‘

I will give them a new heart, and put a new spirit within them; I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh...’ Ezekial 11:19 Our God, we pray for transformation of hardened hearts and closed minds resistant to the changes needed for sustainable and thriving future for all of creation for stones of apathy and indifference to become hearts of concern and compassion, for stones of self-preservation to become hearts of secure generosity, for stones of fear of scarcity to become hearts of generous abundance Children hold up their hands at a church service near the village of Kyeng'e. for stones of judgement and shame to become hearts of mercy and grace for the stones of longing and consumerism to become hearts satisfied and in communion with your phenomenal creation Transform us by your Spirit That we might be your people And you, our God. In your name we pray, Amen.

Every gift. Every challenge can change lives

Rose is caught in a cycle of climate chaos. From severe drought to flooding, extreme weather robs people like Rose of what she needs to survive: a reliable source of water.

When she was a child, Rose remembers how often the rains would fall, giving fruit to the baobab trees and providing plenty of nutritious food to eat.

‘When I was a young girl, there was plenty of food,’ Rose says. Now, the rains are totally unreliable. The climate crisis has galvanised extreme weather and Rose’s community are feeling the brunt of it. For months at a time, Rose and her family lives with drought. Because of climate change, I worry a lot about food. I pray to God that the rainfall will become normal like it used to be.
- Rose Katanu Jonathan

Rose strives to provide for her grandchildren who live with her. She does all she can to give them happy childhoods, like the times she remembers when there was plenty of food. But the climate crisis is driving her to the brink. In times of drought, Rose sets out on a long and dangerous journey every morning to collect water for her family. She walks on an empty stomach. ‘Because I am old, I can’t walk very fast. When I get home I just rest in the evening. I have no energy to do anything else,’ Rose says

Even when the rains do come, relief for Rose is often short lived. There is a nearby earth dam just minutes away from Rose’s home. It should be a lifeline. But it’s not wide enough or deep enough for everyone’s needs. It runs out of water too quickly.

Imagine how dispirited Rose must feel watching the rain fall for days, only to find the dam empty just a short while later. What’s more, the rains are much heavier than they should be, putting Rose’s community at risk of flooding. Rose is over 60 years old and simply won’t have the strength to fetch water from further afield for much longer. We need to fight this climate crisis together.

I believe God gives me strength and helps me persevere. I pray that God will help people to help me.

Church Closure

So, it is official. We will close the Speer Road URC Church for worship at the end of June 2021. The buildings will remain open until at least the end of July 2021 so that the Teddies Playgroup can finish their school year.

Some housekeeping work that needs to be done

There are a number of tasks that we will have to take on when we close the Church. One thing that has been exercising some of us is a new home for the Milk Marketing Board war memorial and the Thames Ditton Foundry WWI memorial plaque. Both are of historical and artistic significance and we need to find ‘safe’ homes for them in case Synod at some point decides to sell the building. I have been in discussion with some of the old Milk Marketing Board staff (including George Wright who was Church Secretary here many years ago) to discuss possibilities. I will let you know how things proceed.

There are also official papers and registry books that will have to be deposited in appropriate places. I am looking into this.

I am happy to say that Helen Osborne and her family have asked to have the garden bench which was purchased to honour Tony for all that he had done for the Church over many years. It seems extremely appropriate that his family should have it. On a slightly more mundane level – the Church has a lot of crockery, cutlery, chairs and tables that it would be good to find homes for. Suggestions and offers will be gratefully received.

Weekly Events

Tuesdays 10.30am. Intercessions for healing at St Nicholas

Prayers in a time of coronavirus

Love never fails

Even in the darkest moments, love gives hope. Love compels us to fight against coronavirus alongside our sisters and brothers living in poverty. Love compels us to stand together in prayer with our neighbours near and far. Love compels us to give and act as one. Now, it is clear that our futures are bound together more tightly than ever before. As we pray in our individual homes – around the nation and around the world – we are united as one family. So, let us pause and find a moment of peace, as we lift up our hearts together in prayer.

A prayer for medical workers everywhere

Restoring and healing God, thank you for medical workers everywhere, embodying sacrificial love in these challenging times putting the welfare of others before their own staying away from their family and loved ones. Comforting the concerned and bereaved reassuring the anxious and vulnerable working to heal and restore people who are ill. Be their guide, strength, wisdom and hope. We pray for those in authority to do right by them for proper protective equipment to be provided and for their dedication to be met with much gratitude and appreciation when they return home, exhausted. And we pray for medical workers around the world, where resources and protective equipment are always in short supply, not only now but always. May these extraordinary times lead to deep and necessary changes in how our world works, resulting in a genuine effort to address the profound injustice of life expectancy being determined by geography, to awaken us all to the reality of how connected we all are and to work together to create the community and world we all want to be part of. So help us, God, Amen

A prayer for times of isolation

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come… will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.’ (Romans 8:38-39)

God of heaven and earth, in these times of isolation, apart from loved ones distant from friends away from neighbours thank you that there is nothing in all of creation, not even coronavirus, that is able to separate us from your love. And may your love that never fails continue to be shared through the kindness of strangers looking out for each other, for neighbours near and far all recognising our shared vulnerability, each of us grateful for every breath, and willing everyone to know the gift of a full and healthy life. Keep us all in your care. Amen.

Enjoy this beautiful spring like weather and marvel in the wonder of God’s creation.


Rev. Peter Flint,
United Reformed Church Minister, New Malden and Thames Ditton,

Tel: 020 3754 0940
Mobile: 07436 119626 Facebook: www.facebook.com/newmaldenurc/


Church layout

Use one main door for entry and exit. Hand sanitiser on table on left as enter foyer. All doors to be left open to improve air flow.

Next to that table is table for a duty elder to note who is attending service, including any new people whose names and addresses/telephone numbers are to be obtained. This record must be kept for 21 days. Foyer seating area to be screened off by chairs.

Only one person in the vestry or kitchen at a time.

Care to ensure only one person at a time in toilet area. Anti-bacterial spray and paper towels to be available to wipe down handles in toilet after use. Peter will use pulpit and there will be one reader per service who will use the lectern and sit at the front. They will use the microphones at these places.

Play area toys to be removed from Church.

No collection. Donations box to be put on table at rear for end of service.

Flowers will not be able to be distributed at end of service.

Water and glasses to be replaced by a few small bottles of water plus some plastic cups.at the rear of the church and in the pulpit. Gloves and masks to be available at the rear of the church in case elder needs to go to person in congregation to give them water.

Bibles to be available on table as enter Church. To be returned to a box at end of service so no one has to handle them.

No coffee after service.


From the 13 September, the church, vestry, hall and toilets to be cleaned by cleaner as per cleaning schedule on the Friday/ Saturday before the service and again on Sunday afternoon/ evening ready for Teddies on Monday.

Duty elders to sanitise seats and door handles used after the service and clean toilets??? before the King’s Church service


Normal duties except: no prayer with Minister before service, (only one person at any time in the vestry), no reading of minutes, no offertory plate on table, sit at the front of the church.

Need two duty elders (wearing face masks):
One outside to manage congregation (keeping people 2 metre apart whilst people use hand cleansing facilities before moving inside. Ensure that everyone is wearing a mask. Take record of attendees plus any new people whose names and telephone numbers are to be obtained.
Other to assist seating, asking people to use front seats first, only alternate pews and keeping 2 metres from aisles if possible.


Sign for offertory box, sign for return bible box

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