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Thames Ditton.

Church Diary

To All at Speer Road Church

Grace and peace to you as we face a further lockdown.



Until we are out of tier 4 the services will be via zoom. Zoom available every Sunday starting at 10.30 am

Join Zoom Meeting for worship https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87416794861?pwd=hacSRN2cxOe2W_zGvGi3eomJo65pQA

The code is always 874 1679 4861 The password is 007602

Peter usually sends an invitation to join each week which also gives instructions on how to join by phone.

Sunday service on FaceBook Live
Please open the following page at 10.25 and if you scroll down the page you should be able to see the service. https://www.facebook.com/newmaldenurc/

By Phone Dial 0131 460 1196
When asked: Enter the meeting ID on their keypad, followed by #
When asked to enter their unique ID: simply input # (This skips this stage)
When asked: Enter the meeting password followed by #


Sunday 24 January 2021. 10.30am

For our Sunday service this week I have taken the Week of prayer theme "Abiding in Christ" based on John 15:1-17.

Bible Study

This coming week a new Bible Study series begins on Tuesday at 7.30pm looking at the patriarchs in Genesis. This week we look at the first part of Abraham's journey. Do join the Zoom call if you are available

New Malden and Thames Ditton Bible Study January to April 2021 The Patriarchs

On Tuesdays Abraham the whole story is found in Genesis 11:26-15:11

January 26th Abram Part 1

Born Gen 11:26, Starting out Gen 12:1-9, Abram rescues Lot Gen 14:1-16, God’s Covenant with Abram Gen 15

February 9th

Abraham Part 2 Hagar and Ishmael Gen 16, A son is promised to Abraham Gen 18:1-15,

Sacrifice of Isaac Gen 22;11-19, Abraham’s family, and his death Gen 25:1-11
Isaac the whole story Genesis 24- Genesis 28:9

February 23rd

Jacob The whole story Genesis 27:1-Genesis 49

March 9th

Isaac Part 2, Isaac blesses Jacob Gen 27:1-29, Esau begs for Isaac’s blessing Gen 27:30-45, Death of Isaac Gen 35:27-29

March 23rd

Jacob’s Part 1 dream Gen 28:10-15, Jacob’s wives Gen 29:15-30 Jacob’s children Gen 29:31-35 Gen 30:1-24

April 13th

Jacob Part 2 Jacob meeting Esau Gen 32:1-21 Jacob wrestles with God gen 32: 22-32 Jacob’s last words Gen 49:1-28 Jacob dies Gen 49:29-33

Call to prayer

I have received an email from Synod saying that Churches across the country have been asked to pray for the NHS at this time below is an extract of the prayer request that is on the Baptist Church webb site.

Here are some pointers to help you and your friends as you pray. These have been written by a senior A&E nurse in a large teaching hospital:

Pray for all the NHS staff for their own safety, energy and peace in dealing with each and every patient.
Pray for those in hospital leadership, for wisdom and for good decisions to give the best outcomes for patients.
Pray for patients; for healing, for peace and ultimately to fight this disease and get home and pray for their relatives who feel helpless.
Pray for the vaccine, that it will and is working against this latest strain of Covid-19.
Pray for a reprieve and an end to Covid-19.

You may know people who are currently working in the NHS in your area, please let them know you are praying for them and ask them how you can pray specifically


Rev. Peter Flint,
United Reformed Church Minister, New Malden and Thames Ditton,

Tel: 020 3754 0940
Mobile: 07436 119626 Facebook: www.facebook.com/newmaldenurc/

Prayers for the Locality

Prayers for the Locality

Jan 3 Southfields
Jan 10 Ennismore Gardens/Leaf Close
Jan 17 Thorkhill
Jan 24. The Island/Boyle Farm Island
Jan 31 Ashley Road/Church Lane

Other Events

Weekly Events

Tuesdays 10.30am. Intercessions for healing at St Nicholas


Church layout

Use one main door for entry and exit. Hand sanitiser on table on left as enter foyer. All doors to be left open to improve air flow.

Next to that table is table for a duty elder to note who is attending service, including any new people whose names and addresses/telephone numbers are to be obtained. This record must be kept for 21 days. Foyer seating area to be screened off by chairs.

Only one person in the vestry or kitchen at a time.

Care to ensure only one person at a time in toilet area. Anti-bacterial spray and paper towels to be available to wipe down handles in toilet after use. Peter will use pulpit and there will be one reader per service who will use the lectern and sit at the front. They will use the microphones at these places.

Play area toys to be removed from Church.

No collection. Donations box to be put on table at rear for end of service.

Flowers will not be able to be distributed at end of service.

Water and glasses to be replaced by a few small bottles of water plus some plastic cups.at the rear of the church and in the pulpit. Gloves and masks to be available at the rear of the church in case elder needs to go to person in congregation to give them water.

Bibles to be available on table as enter Church. To be returned to a box at end of service so no one has to handle them.

No coffee after service.


From the 13 September, the church, vestry, hall and toilets to be cleaned by cleaner as per cleaning schedule on the Friday/ Saturday before the service and again on Sunday afternoon/ evening ready for Teddies on Monday.

Duty elders to sanitise seats and door handles used after the service and clean toilets??? before the King’s Church service


Normal duties except: no prayer with Minister before service, (only one person at any time in the vestry), no reading of minutes, no offertory plate on table, sit at the front of the church.

Need two duty elders (wearing face masks):
One outside to manage congregation (keeping people 2 metre apart whilst people use hand cleansing facilities before moving inside. Ensure that everyone is wearing a mask. Take record of attendees plus any new people whose names and telephone numbers are to be obtained.
Other to assist seating, asking people to use front seats first, only alternate pews and keeping 2 metres from aisles if possible.


Sign for offertory box, sign for return bible box

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