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Speer Road Church

(United Reformed Church)

Thames Ditton


Church Family News

Other news

Harvest Supper Saturday 30th September at 7 pm

St Nicholas Church will be hosting the Harvest Supper this year. Please sign up for the supper at the Joint Service this Sunday or buy your ticket direct from the Parish Office.

Charlie Waite Evening

Hello Everyone! The Charlie Waite Lecture is nearly here!

Having thought that I had sold all the tickets, the Events Manager let us have another 40! All those on the waiting list are now able to come and, as I write this, there are about 20 left. I hope that they will all sell.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part: selling, putting up posters, delivering flyers and giving encouragement. There are still jobs to be done! Help will be needed on the night to check people in, to meet and greet etc. The advantage is that if you can offer your services, you may get a reserved seat! No promises! It will be lovely to see Nick Rowlands, who bought a ticket today. The family hopes to be in church on the 1st October, great to see them again. I hope we will all have a great evening. Margaret

Love in a Shoebox

Each year the Mustard Seed Relief Mission sends shoeboxes filled with gifts for poor East European children who would not otherwise get much for Christmas. Schools and other groups are encouraged to fill the shoeboxes which are then taken by lorry to various East European countries to be distributed. The Mustard Seed Relief Mission has been doing this since 1972. I thought that perhaps we could discuss this at the October Coffee and Chat to see if this is something that we might like to do. I will bring more information with me though if anyone would like to google it, the website is It would be good to be able to bring gifts to those who might not otherwise receive much at Christmas

Building Works

The building works in the Church have been proceeding apace during August and into September. Walls have come down and other walls have appeared. The framework for the new kitchen has been erected and the prospect of having a bigger kitchen is one that appeals to all who have struggled in our old kitchen for so many years. With the removal of the wall just inside the front door area, one can see the possibilities for the new foyer area. The work of this, Stage One, of our building plans should be complete in early September. A new sign for the outside of the Church has been ordered and it should appear sometime in October. It's an exciting time for our Church with new developments happening almost daily. Well done to all involved!

Lyfe Group

The Lyfe group will resume their gatherings on Thursday 14 September after their summer break. These are a good way to learn more about the Bible and to explore out faith in a friendly meeting with like-minded people. Do come along. Details of where the meeting will be held will be announced in Church.

Joint service at St Nicholas Church

We will be having one of our four annual joint services with the congregation of St Nicholas Church on 17 September at their church. Remember that the service begins at 10am!

Bereavement Café

1st Tuesday 10.30 am every month at All Saints Church
2nd Wednesday 19 30 – 21 00 every month at St Mary’s Community Hall
See Ruth McMaster for further details

Messy Church Dates

This will resume in OCTOBER.

New helpers welcome! It meets from 15 30 – 17 30

October 8th

November 12th

December 10th to include a Christmas lunch for the whole church family. All are welcome. This will start at 12 30.

Kingston Street Pastors

Kingston Street Pastors are looking for more people who would be interested in joining their group. Although the group is made up of Christians, they are not allowed to preach to the people they are helping. Instead they attest to Christian values by just being there to help people in need over the weekends – an act of witnessing that has proven to calm things down in Kingston and to keep young people particularly safer than they might be.

Before Church

Many people like to sit inside the church in quiet before the service begins. If you are in the foyer would you please try to speak more quietly so as not to disturb those already inside the church. Thank you.

Visits to the church at other times

Members of the church have been asked to confine visits to the church during term times until after 2pm on Mondays and Fridays, after 4pm on other weekdays, as the last Ofsted report expressed concern about non playgroup people coming into contact with the Teddies children who are here.
If for some reason you have to be at the church before those times, please go to the main door and catch the attention of one of the Teddies staff.

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