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Speer Road Church

(United Reformed Church)

Thames Ditton


Joint Service at St Nicholas Church on 12 May

This will be one of the four services we share with the Parish Church each year. The service starts at 11.15am. This is always a good opportunity to catch upwith our friends at St Nicholas Church so do come along

Dittons Scout Fair 12 May 1-4pm

The annual Dittons Scout Fair takes place on Giggs Hill Green on Sunday 12 May. This is always a fun day out so come along and support the Scouts and other community organisations. Churches Together in the Dittons will be running the Plant Creche once again and if you could spare an hour to help man the stand, please have a word with Linda Lambert. It is not arduous but it is an amenity that is greatly appreciated.

Pilgrimage to St Albans on 6 June

After the success of the Churches Together in the Dittons' pilgrimages to Canterbury and Arundel, they are now planning another trip to St Albans on Thursday 6 June. The cost is £31 which includes the coach, the tour and a lunch. The money will need to be handed in to Linda Lambert by April 8. There will be a list to sign up on at the back of the Church. Please see Linda or Peter for any other information

Church Family News

Other News

Bereavement Café

1st Tuesday 10.30 am every month at All Saints Church
2nd Wednesday 19 30 – 21 00 every month at St Mary’s Community Hall
See Ruth McMaster for further details

Books, Books, Books!

Our book trolley seems to be a success and the sales have added to our collection for “extras” in the foyer and in the kitchen. Thank you all for contributing by bringing in such a wide variety of subject matter and for buying ones to read. One request: please put new contributions into the large cupboard at the far end of the foyer, not straight onto the shelves. This is so that I can price them first. Some will be held for a while so that there is as wide a selection as possible all that he time.
Thank you. Margaret

Kingston Street Pastors

Kingston Street Pastors are looking for more people who would be interested in joining their group. Although the group is made up of Christians, they are not allowed to preach to the people they are helping. Instead they attest to Christian values by just being there to help people in need over the weekends – an act of witnessing that has proven to calm things down in Kingston and to keep young people particularly safer than they might be.

Before Church

Many people like to sit inside the church in quiet before the service begins. If you are in the foyer would you please try to speak more quietly so as not to disturb those already inside the church. Thank you.

Visits to the church at other times

Members of the church have been asked to confine visits to the church during term times until after 2pm on Mondays and Fridays, after 4pm on other weekdays, as the last Ofsted report expressed concern about non playgroup people coming into contact with the Teddies children who are here.
If for some reason you have to be at the church before those times, please go to the main door and catch the attention of one of the Teddies staff.

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